Friday, February 11, 2011

Keeping It Casual Weddings - Custom Wedding Stamps

Whether going formal or casual, many wedding couples are choosing to add wedding stamps to their Save the dates, Invitations, and Announcements. The postage stamps themselves can be more casual, formal, romantic, and also just for fun. The neat aspect of adding custom wedding postage is that you can select designs that fit your personality, and what you're trying to convey for your wedding.

Beach weddings are a popular theme.

The two green ferns offer a bit of playfulness and greenery.

The purple and white stars offer a romantic look. This particular stamp can be easily customized with your monogram. A monogram design can be a great choice for both invitations or announcements.

Many brides and grooms opt to let their guests know that they would like a response.

What is your preference? Do you have a color theme or some other kind of theme that you would like to use?

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Cheryl Paton