Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Black and White Swan Wedding Invitations

Swans are such graceful looking birds; they will be a wonderful choice for your wedding invitations.

The black swan artwork here was inspired by two black swans that I saw swimming together, while I was on vacation.

The swans themselves are mostly black with a bit of white on the tips of their feathers, and also on their red beaks.

The water of green and blue shows shadows and highlights, giving it a romantic look.

If you would prefer more white, they are also ready on these 5 by 7 inch invitations as an outline drawing. The light blue accents gives it a lighter look. You can also see Save the dates and other options on this collection:

You can view more products with both of these black swan designs, by CherylsArt, at Zazzle. If you would like either design on any additional products you can let me know either through my Zazzle store, or via email to

May you have a wonderful wedding and marriage.

Cheryl Paton