Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Personalized Monogram Wedding Stamps

You have found a selection of monogram wedding stamps that you can easily personalize with any letter.

Choosing monogrammed stamps for your wedding invitations is like making an affirmation of your new lives together.

For those who are having a vintage themed wedding, a scroll design displays your monogram on these postage stamps. The scroll is a blend of light brown, beige, and ivory; the letter is written in brown.

For those planning a black and white and/or star themed wedding, the kaleidoscope stars on black is an elegant choice.

Green is a great color choice for spring and summer weddings. This painted design looks like folds of light green fabric with wisps of gold blended in.

For those that like orange and/or roses, we've got one for you. Two lightly colored orange roses are to the left side with the monogram centered to the right. The background is a medium light shade of orange and the monogram is written in a darker shade.

Many wedding cakes feature a crisscross design, making this a nice choice, especially if your wedding cake is white with red and/or pink.

If purple is your wedding color, then the purple and white stars on blended lavender is a lovely choice for you.

Last but certainly not least are our selection of lively stars. They come in a choice of silver and also gold. They are both simple and elegant. These are also a great choice for your silver and golden wedding anniversaries.

You can check out more Monogram Stamps by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

Cheryl Paton