Friday, January 28, 2011

Keeping it Casual Weddings, Introduction Post

I had been making lots of designs for wedding invitations, save the dates, wedding stamps, and such, and wanted some extra inspiration. I purchased a couple of bridal magazines to see what the latest color trends were. They were very helpful in that respect, and I will more than likely be making some new designs and color combinations for your perusal.

I also noticed that a lot of the ads in the magazines were for very extravagant wedding gowns. I know there are people who really like the extravagant wedding, but I also know, there are people who, like me, also like a simpler wedding; consisting of family taken photos, comfortable and/or no shoes, and minimal head wear.

If this sounds like you, then I invite you to become a fan. I'll be posting tips that I learned about having a more casual wedding. My husband and I enjoyed a casual outdoor wedding ourselves.

I'll also be posting tips on that first apartment and adjusting to married life too. Many times, when it's the first time for something, one doesn't think of everything, so hopefully I'll share some knowledge, from my experience, that will help your wedding and early married life go more smoothly, and I'll keep it G-rated as well.

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Cheryl Paton

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