Monday, February 11, 2013

Casual Weddings - It's a Choice

Deciding to have a casual wedding is a choice. Many factors can go in to the decision, whether it's money, personal preference, or something else.

I made the conscious choice to have a casual wedding, after having been in the wedding party of my best friends wedding. It was the first wedding I had ever been in, and I was rather surprised that when the guests left the church to head to the reception, that the wedding party had to stay for photographs. So we stayed, and we stayed. We had to stand just so, we had to place fingers just so. You would have thought we were models. Then after we got the photos back, they all looked posed, as which they were. There wasn't a natural, in the moment, photograph in the bunch.

I decided then and there that I wanted natural happenings. No posed photographs. Tying that together with my long ago dream of getting married on my favorite uncle's farm, was a perfect match for having a casual wedding. When I later met my husband to be, he agreed to getting married on my uncle's farm. I knew it was a match made in heaven. People took their own photos, copies were made and shared, and our wedding was a lot more relaxed than my best friend's wedding had been.

My best friend may have loved her wedding. I never asked her. That may have been her preference, and I wouldn't want to take away from that. Everyone is entitled to their own choice. I just wanted to share, so that you know, having a casual wedding can be wonderfully okay.

All the best to you on your wedding.

Cheryl Paton
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