Thursday, May 9, 2013

Casual Weddings - Marriage Proposal Cards

A proposal card can enhance the occasion, and also provides a keepsake for the bride.

The term groom is used here as the one who is doing the proposing, and the bride is the one being proposed to.

Sometimes the groom may not know exactly what to say in the moment, or is better at writing it out ahead of time. Sometimes, they may want to add a special touch, such as some humor, romance, fun, or poetry. With that in mind, a proposal card can help the groom out; with the engagement ringengagement ringin hand, the groom can watch their intended bride's face, as their intended reads the card.

For the groom who wants to write their message across the sky, but doesn't have the means to do so; a skywriting card can be the next best thing.

For couples that use honey as an endearing term for one another; the honey bee can help with the popping of the question.

For couples where music is a big part of their life, the groom might like to choose something that expresses harmony.

For a hint of love and romance is the Paisleys in Love card.

I think you get the idea. The thing to keep in mind, is to choose a proposal card that fits your personalities, and expresses what is dear to your heart. If you are feeling creative, you can also design your own custom proposal card at .

View more Marriage Proposal Cards by CherylsArt by visiting this link.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Casual Weddings - Yellow and Blue Daisy Flower Wedding Invitations

People like the blue and orange daisy flower wedding invitations,

so I decided to also make one in yellow and blue. In this one the flower petals are outlined in a darker shade.

For those that still want some orange, the background is orange for you.

If anyone wants the yellow and blue daisies but not the orange, the background color can be customized. To choose your own background color, click on the item, then on Customize It, then on Edit, then on Background, then on the Color of your choice, and then on done. Voila, you can have your choice of a variety of colors.

Visit yellow blue daisy wedding to see custom bags, stickers, postage stamps, and more.

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Casual Weddings - Playing Cards as Favors and/or Entertainment

Many weddings have music for dancing, after the wedding. However, I know that not everyone likes to dance, and they might like to have something that they can easily do at their tables. Something simple like custom playing cards can serve as entertainment, and also be used as wedding favors. There can be a pack for each table at the reception, or for each family, or however you want to do it.

Some people may also enjoy playing a game in between dancing.

The wedding couples can choose from a variety of themes:

They can choose from fun designs:

Or something a bit more elegant:

And/or something colorful:

Whatever your choice, personalized wedding playing cards can offer entertainment and fun, and be a keepsake for afterwards.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Casual Weddings - Save the date Postcards

Although a couple has decided on having a casual wedding, sending out Save the date postcards can still be in order. A Save the date is sent as a courtesy to guests for when reservations may need to be made. A good rule of thumb is to send out the Save the dates 4 - 6 months before the wedding.

If multiple reservations are needed, i.e. hotel and airline, and/or if the wedding is during a peak travel time, i.e. around a holiday, then increasing that timeline will help your guests to make their plans.

Here are some pretty choices for Save the date Postcards:

First is the lively border of silver stars.

Next are the blue and orange flowers, with the text also written in blue and orange.

Our round choice is a colorful wreathe of flowers.

The above choices are easy to customize online; before placing your order. It is easy to type in your text.

You can also browse more Save the date Postcards by CherylsArt at

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These Save the date cards from Amazon are to be filled out by hand.