Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Casual Weddings - Say thank you with a photo card

Saying Thank you with photo cards is a fun and inexpensive way to say thanks and also share wedding photos.

Below are some photo card designs that have a template form for you to easily replace with your photo. Some photos are pictured behind a frame and some are layered on top of a background.

Either way, if you need to adjust the size of the photo or the placement, you can click on Customize It, and then edit it.

The photo is layered on top of the pretty green and gold blends:

The photo in this design will be layered behind the candy cane frame. The pink inside the frame area will not be on the photo.

There are lots of design choices, including roses:

This purple design looks exquisite and unique.

Browse more wedding photocards at, for your personal way of saying Thank you.

Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt at Zazzle

Monday, September 16, 2013

Casual Weddings - Love Postage Stamps

A coordinating design on your postage stamps can be a nice and casual touch to your wedding invites. They can be a simple design with the word Love, or you can customize the text with your own message; i.e. initials, monogram, etc.

This first selection is a nice touch for a purple themed wedding. These stamps are decorated with purple and white stars on a blended lavender background.

For a pink or red wedding, the wave of red hearts on pink is a pretty and decorative choice. The hearts are in various sizes and are lined up to form a wave on blends of pink.

The word Love on this green and brown stamp, looks like it is written in short neon lights; a fun choice for a computer trendy type couple.

For a Christmas themed wedding, the poinsettia heart is a fine wintry choice. The heart shape is made up of multiple poinsettias.

For those who also like sweets, consider the Candy Cane Heart. A candy cane heart is painted on a frosty background of pink.

For those who like simple and/or would like something in blue, the simple text design is for you. The word Love is written in script type letters in light blue on a background of medium royal blue.

You can browse more Love stamps by CherylsArt at

Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt at Zazzle

Here are some forever stamps that depict love, from USPS at Amazon.