Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Personalized Save the date Photo Magnets

Magnets are a great choice for Save the dates, especially for more long term dates. Most people add magnets to their refrigerators, so it does help them to keep your date in mind. Seeing your photo on it too instantly reminds them of who they are saving the date for.

The blue rose is a nice accent for this blue framed photo magnet. Your photo will set behind the frame.

I've known of others that have used photo magnets for their wedding, and the recipients enjoyed receiving them and using them.

The painting of a wood branch frame is a great choice for a rustic type wedding or event.

The purple and white stars remind me more of a romantic occasion.

Whereas the black frame is an excellent choice for a more formal occasion.

For March weddings and events, a collage of shamrocks makes a fun choice.

There are placeholders for your photo on each of the above magnets. Just click on any design to begin, and then click on the image placeholder link and upload a photo that you have stored on your computer. A resolution of 3000 pixels (i.e. 10 x 300) should give you a good photo.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Disney Save the Date Cards for Weddings

A neat thing about having a more casual wedding, is that you can have more fun themes to choose from. Some of those themes can be inspired by Disney.

For lovers of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, there is this charming choice of the two mice looking at each other romantically. Flowers and smiles add to the ambiance of this choice. Disney Save the date cards are a great choice for a fun inspired wedding. Choose from Mickey and Minnie, Lady and the Tramp, and Cinderella and her Prince.

Mickey Mouse - Save the Date card
Mickey Mouse - Save the Date by disney

For couples that are also dog lovers, there is Lady and the Tramp. The loving couple is pictured inside of a heart on a blue background.

Lady and The Tramp Love Card Disney card
Lady and The Tramp Love Card Disney by disney

If you like the prince and princess themed idea, you can choose from the romantic couple being front and center,

Cinderella Save the Date card
Cinderella Save the Date by disney

or from the option of sharing your own photo as part of the background.

Cinderella Save the Date card
Cinderella Save the Date by disney

Each of the above are to be customized with your own personalized text online, before placing your order.

Browse more Save the date cards by Disney at

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