Friday, January 16, 2015

Wedding Tote Bags Personalized

Tote bags come in handy for the bride; she can easily drop her planning materials, business cards, notes, etc., in to one handy place. She can also carry make up items, comb, etc. with her on her wedding day.

Pictured to the left are personalized tote bags that I purchased from

You can choose from a variety of designs on the bags as well as different bag styles and colors.

The printing on the darker colored bags is a different process than printing on the lighter colors bags. The yellow rose bags were made using the same image. As you can see, the final printing shows differently on the different colored backgrounds.

Zazzle is a print on demand company, so it is easier to personalize your printing. You can choose a Monogram, the word Bride, Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, etc., or you can customize it with a name.

A lot of these options will have a template form available to type in your desired text. If a particular design doesn't feature that option, or if you want a different size text than what is shown, you can click on Customize It, and then click on the text field and then on the letter f for font. You can then adjust the size and/or color of the font. You can also choose a different font.

The purple and white stars design printed a bit lighter than what was pictured, on the lighter colored bag. The smaller tote bags are made of a lighter weight material.

Since the dyes print into the fabric on the lighter colored bags, part of the color saturation probably gets lost in this process. So just know, that the designs on the light colored bags may be lighter than what is shown on your computer screen.

Over all, the design colors on the darker bags tend to print darker, as the design is layered on instead of being dyed in to the fabric. The highlighted part of the design appeared lighter on the actual product.

Names and/or wedding date can also be added. The larger bags are made of a heavier weight material.

If you find a design by CherylsArt that you would like added to any of the bags, you can let me know in a comment below, or email me at

Browse more wedding bags designed by CherylsArt at Zazzle. Select the artistic design that you like first, and then choose your bag style and/or bag color, if available.

Zazzle does have a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact Zazzle for a return or replacement.

Cheryl Paton