Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beach Save the Date Magnets for Weddings

The beach sounds like such a nice place to hold a wedding. The sound of the waves are in the background, and you're there, part of nature.

These Save the date magnets will easily let your guests know that you're planning a beach wedding; and they will have a keepsake.

Your guests can also easily refer to the date that is posted on their fridge, and see your names and wedding date.

This first design features my painting of a conch shell with the big blue ocean as a backdrop. The names are written across the sky in brown, one of the colors of the seashell. The wedding date is written in sky blue, below the shell, across the ocean.

This next design features my painting of a blue green ocean with gentle waves lapping along the shore. There is a beach area of sand in front of the ocean, with a place for the names and wedding date written across the sand. There is a large turquoise and white beach umbrella resting in the sand, above the names.

This last one features a romantic painting of two seashells laying in the sand. One shell is shades of purple and the other one is shades of blue. Above the painting is a placeholder for either Save the date, or names. Below the painting is a placeholder for your wedding date.

May you have a wonderful beach wedding.

Cheryl Paton