Monday, December 28, 2015

DIY Wedding Invitations Design Your Own

Are you looking for wedding invitations that you can add your own design to? You will find a variety of options here. You can choose from two sided (with a choice of card stock and edge trim), greeting card, and postcard styles. Are you new to designing online? You'll find designing tips below the style options.

For the two sided invitations, you can choose from the square or rounded corner shape. The one pictured is the rounded corner. You can also choose from normal, rounded, bracket, ticket, and tag. You can see the other edge designs by clicking on the link below, and then choosing the edge of your choice, that you'll find on the right hand side.

There is a choice of eleven finishes for a variety of looks and budgets. The Signature Semi-Gloss is the most economical finish. There are textured choices, shimmer choices, and also metallic.

The greeting card style comes in a choice of three sizes: note card, 5 x 7, and Big (8.5 x 11). It only comes in one finish. The outside of the card is glossy and the inside is matte for easy smudge free writing. There are some hearts on this card that you can customize and move around, or delete.

The postcards are the most economical. They have a gloss finish and measure 4.25" x 5.6".

These are the basic instructions for those who are computer savvy.

With all three options, you can make personalized design changes. You can choose a different font style and/or color, choose a background color, and/or add your own image(s). To make any of these changes, click on the card option of your choice, then click on Customize It. Then click on the Add Image or Add Text Button, as needed. Click on the X button in any individual template field that you want to delete. If you want to change the font, choose the font style (f) first, then choose the appropriate size.

To choose a different background color, click on Customize It, then on Edit, then on Background. You will see a color palette. Click on a basic color that you like, then click on Advanced to view the sliding scale to choose a different shade.

You can click on the Art View button, (under where the image is shown) to see the parameter guidelines. Make sure to keep important images and text within the dotted lines.

These are more detailed instructions if you need extra help.

For ease, open this page in another window, then you can easily refer to the instructions as you create your invitations.

To begin, Click on on a link and then on the product that you want to customize. Then click on Customize It.

Each title in the Customizing Box works as a toggle switch for two different editing fields. If you don't see the options described, click on the Field Title again to see a new set of options.

Adding and Changing Images:

Add larger images first.

If the image fills the whole background, add it first so that it won't cover any text or smaller images.

To add an image, Click on Add Images.

To change an image, Click on the Title of the image and Click on Change image in the Title Field.

Once you have done either of the above, then Click on My Computer.

Click on Select Images to Upload.

Go to your picture file on your computer.

Click on the image to Upload.

Click on OK.

Adding or Changing Text:

To add Text, Click on Add Text. Type in the text, including any returns you want. Click on OK.

To change a field of text, Click on the Title of the Text and Click on "Change Text" in that Field Box.

Replace the text in the pop up window that appears.

Click on OK.

The font style and size can also change the layout of text. You'll learn how to adjust font size and style later.

Moving an image or text:

Once you click on a particular item's title, and/or the image/text on the product, you will then be able to move it, rotate it, replace it, re-size it, and/or delete it.

To move an item, you can click directly on the product image and drag it.

You can also click on the item and then on the Arrange button, and center the item horizontally or vertically.

You can also move the item by clicking on it's title field; click on the Title Box for that item, then on the arrows in the plus sign sign box, to move that item up and down, and left and right. You can also click on the center circle in the plus sign to center that object.

You can also Click on Arrange in Field 1, to center horizontally or center vertically.

Rotating an image or text:

To rotate an image or text, you will need to click on the title of that field in the Customizing Box, toggle so that you see the Curved Arrow option displayed, then click on the Curved Arrow. Clicking on the Curved Arrow will rotate that item another 90 degrees.

Deleting an image or text:

The easiest way to delete an item is to click on its Title and then on the X in its Title Box.

While in the Title Box, you can also click on Edit and then on Delete. You may need to toggle so that you see the Edit word, then click on Edit from that menu, then click on Delete.

Resizing an image:

To re-size an image, you can click on either its Title in the Field Box, or click on the image on the product display. On the product, you can either use the little re-sizing squares, while in Design mode, or you can use the magnifying glass controls in the Customizing Box to decrease or increase the size.

Choosing Font Style:

Click on the appropriate Title and toggle to see the letter f. Click on the letter f. Scroll on the drop down menu to view the font options. Click on the font of your choice. You can pick other choices to see how they look. Click on close when you're satisfied with your choice.

Resizing Text:

Once you have selected your font, then it is time to re-size it if necessary. For text resizing, one can again use the re-sizing squares on the product display, or you can re-size from its Title Field. Click on the appropriate Title, toggle so that you see the letter f option. There is a box next to the f with a number in it. You can either highlight and type over the number, click on the plus or minus sign to increase or decrease the size, or click on the arrow next to the box to select a number from the drop down menu.

Choosing Font Color:

Click on the appropriate Title Field. Toggle if need be to see the f option, then Click on the color box. Click on your color choice from the drop down menu.

Selecting Background and/or Border Color:

Background color being added will vary depending on how the design was made and also on what product is being customized. If the background color is part of the whole original image, it can't be changed this way. You would need to contact the artist to see if they can change that for you. Not all products have a border color option. If they do, the option will show up on the Colors drop down menu.

If the background and/or border color can be changed, and you would like to; Click on Edit in the large rectangle box where the letter f is. At the bottom of that drop down menu will be options related to that product of background, or background and border options. Click on the option and then click on the color of your choice.

Choosing the Orientation:

Some products have two different options for how the product is made, i.e. postage stamps can be made as portrait or landscape. If the option is available for the specific product that you are customizing, their will be a button that will say either Portrait or Landscape. Just click on the arrow to the right of it to view both options. Click on the one you want.

For invitations that you can print on your computer, check out the options at Amazon:

Happy creating.

Cheryl Paton