Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Candy Cane Christmas Wedding Invitations

Many people think of candy canes when they think of Christmas; the red and white ones. I made this design as a painting of two candy canes forming the shape of a heart on a frosty looking, blended pink background. It's a lovely choice for your winter wedding invitations, and also a sweet way to say thank you.

On some items you can easily change the text, on others there is an option to add a photo.

If there are any other products that you would like this design added to, just let me know. You can either contact me through my store on Zazzle: CherylsArt, or send an email to me: creative-brushstrokes@comcast.net. Be sure to include Design Request in the subject line, tell me the design (candy cane heart), and which products you would like it on. I will get back to you as soon as possible and provide you the link(s) for the new items.

If you find that the shipping costs are near $10.00 or more, you can save money by purchasing ZazzleBlack. There are two shipping plans to choose from for a one time fee that covers a whole year. Check out the details on ZazzleBlack here.

There are also other matching candy cane heart items that you might like, at Amazon.

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Purple and White Stars Wedding Invitations Set

Purple and white go lovely together. With this wedding set, the purple and white are stars that have been painted on a blended lavender background.

You'll find a variety of items including invitations, save the dates, thank you cards, mugs, napkins, menu cards, and more. The invitations and greeting cards come with white envelopes. If you want the decorative envelope, that is ordered separately.

If you don't find what you are looking for, you can also make a request for this design to be added to any of the other products that are available at Zazzle.com.

Each of the above items can be customized online. There are choices of white text and purple text on many of them. The text color can also be customized online. If you need help, you can also let me know, either through my Zazzle store, CherylsArt, or by email to creative-brushstrokes@comcast.net.

Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt at Zazzle.com

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bride Wedding Tote Bags

Here you will find wedding tote bags with the word Bride, already on them. You'll be able to choose your design, and then to select your bag style and color.

This first one is shown on the budget tote, with a painting of purple and white stars on blended lavender. The handles come in a choice of five colors.

This next design of two green ferns, with Bride in the middle, is shown on the Impulse Tote. It has a small pocket on the front. The base and the straps come in a choice of eight colors.

This next one is a fun choice for October and/or princess themed weddings. It features a princess wedding dress with a crown, and a pumpkin carriage awaiting in the background.

The silver stars border design is shown on the jumbo tote. It comes in a choice of four colors. The text placeholder includes space to type in the wedding date.

The three tiered cake design in pink is shown on the grocery style tote. This bag comes in a choice of four colors.

You can check out more Bride Tote Bags by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

You can also submit a design request through my CherylsArt store at Zazzle, or via email to creative-brushstrokes@comcast.net.

Cheryl Paton